Unveiling the Charm: Olivas Hardwood Flooring Masters the Art of Hardwood Refinishing in Johns Creek, GA

In the charming community of Johns Creek, GA, hardwood floors are the crowning glory of many homes. Olivas Hardwood Flooring, a specialist in hardwood refinishing in Johns Creek, GA, revives these beautiful floors. In this article, we will address some common questions about hardwood floor refinishing.

How much should I expect to pay to refinish hardwood floors?

When it comes to hardwood floor refinishing in Johns Creek, GA, the cost can vary depending on the size of the space, the condition of the floors, and the type of finish chosen. On average, you can expect to pay between $3 to $7 per square foot for sanding and refinishing. Olivas Hardwood Flooring offers competitive pricing and exceptional quality.

Is refinishing hardwood floors worth it?

Absolutely! Refinishing your hardwood floors can bring back their original luster and beauty. It’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also adds value to your property. If the floors are structurally sound, refinishing is often more cost-effective than replacement.

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What is the difference between refinish and resurface hardwood?

Refinishing involves sanding down the floor to remove the old finish and then applying a new one. Resurfacing, on the other hand, might just involve buffing the surface and applying a new coat without sanding. Sanding and refinishing are more thorough and are best handled by experts like Olivas Hardwood Flooring.

Can I stay in my house while floors are refinished?

While it’s possible to stay in your house during the refinishing process, it’s not always recommended. The process can be noisy and create dust. Moreover, the floors will need time to dry properly. Olivas Hardwood Flooring uses high-quality equipment to minimize dust and recommends planning accordingly for the drying time.

Is it cheaper to refinish hardwood floors or replace them?

In most cases, it is cheaper to refinish hardwood floors than to replace them. Refinishing can make old floors look brand new at a fraction of the cost of installing new flooring. However, if the floors are severely damaged, replacement might be necessary.

What are the cons of refinishing hardwood floors?

While there are many benefits to refinishing, there are a few cons as well. The process can be messy and noisy. Also, if not done properly, sanding can cause damage. This is why it’s important to hire a reputable company like Olivas Hardwood Flooring.

Insurance Claims for Hardwood Flooring: Hassle-free Restoration:

In case of damages, Olivas Hardwood Flooring helps you through the process of insurance claims for hardwood flooring. Their expertise in documentation and liaising with insurance companies ensures a stress-free restoration.

Olivas Hardwood Flooring is the go-to expert for hardwood refinishing in Johns Creek, GA. They not only bring your hardwood floors back to life but also assist in insurance claims for hardwood flooring. For quality you can trust, contact Olivas Hardwood Flooring for a consultation.

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